The Mara Files

1 Mara’s Awakening

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As the leader of the Star Corps, the galaxy’s elite peacekeeping force, Mara Keres was respected throughout the stars. But now, betrayed by her oldest friend, Kottura, she finds herself rotting in a prison cell, surrounded by the criminals she put away.

When all seems lost, her new cellmates offer her a chance at escape. She’ll take anything she can get her hands on, but is it a trap? Before she can make her move, Kottura reveals her long-held plans. The galaxy is in shambles, and it needs a new leader.

Kottura is convinced the crown belongs to her. And Mara is the key to making it happen.

With the galaxy on the brink of destruction, will Mara be the key to saving it or causing its downfall? Buy now and find out!


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2 Mara’s Choice

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As she struggles to recover from her narrow prison escape and Kottura´s revelation, Mara must navigate the dangers of being a fugitive on the run.

With the Council in disarray, bounty hunters hot on her heels and Kottura determined to capture her, she must find a way to survive and stay out of trouble.

But with Ishali harping on about saving the galaxy and demanding she take action, a former ally wanting to call in a favor, and general galactic chaos, it’s easier said than done.

Will Mara be able to resist getting drawn back into the fight? Buy now and find out!


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Meet The Characters

Mara Keres

Mara Keres

She/Her – Human

  • A former peacekeeper and military captain
  • Convinced the galaxy has it in for her
  • Desperate to disappear for a quiet life
  • Will she learn to be a better person?
Ardent From The Mara Files

Ardent Fulgo

They/Them – Kiramalu

  • A former enslaved military officer
  • Contracted to work for The Council
  • Freed themselves from servitude
  • Will they ever find peace?