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Mara’s Awakening

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Mara Keres led the Star Corps, the galaxy’s peacekeeping force. She rots in the prison where she incarcerated people.

New cellmates offer to help her escape. Will she?

Her plans are shattered when an old friend arrives with shocking news. Her friend’s had enough. It’s time to conquer the galaxy.

See if Mara succeeds or perishes in the attempt. Warning: Mild violence.


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Praise For Mara’s Awakening

I want to see where Mara goes from here and what else will be revealed by her intriguing past and this cool scifi universe. – Sahreth Bowden

This fast-paced novella is packed full of badass ladies, an epic prison break, and the making of a cyborg! … If you love space operas, read Mara’s Awakening! – Jenna Rideout

With a beautiful cover and an intriguing synopsis, this book is a whirlwind of action, and I enjoyed reading it. – RadioactiveBookworm

  • Ebook ISBN – 9780645001303
  • Print ISBN – 9780645001327
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Mara’s Choice

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Mara is free. Why does she feel so… empty?

Reeling from recent events, she has only three objectives. Survive. Avoid capture. Stay out of trouble.

With bounty hunters everywhere, Kottura hot on her heels, and Ishali harping on about helping the galaxy… It’s going to be hard.

See if Mara conquers her demons. Warning: Mild violence.

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Praise For Mara’s Choice

After “Mara’s Awakening,” I was more than ready to jump back in with Mara and Ishali as this odd couple continued their flight from prison. – Sahreth Bowden

I found the story to be enjoyable, and fast-paced. I’m still rooting for Mara and Ishali, who are both likable and very different. – Al Stone

Meet The Characters

Mara Keres

Mara Keres

She/Her – Human

  • A former peacekeeper and military captain
  • Convinced the galaxy has it in for her
  • Desperate to disappear for a quiet life
  • Will she learn to be a better person?