We Should Stick Together

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Three lost souls struggle after saving the galaxy.

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Is There Something To Live For?

Poe reflects on what he’s supposed to do after saving the galaxy.

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You’ve saved the galaxy. Had your big celebration and listened to leaders sing the praises of your valiant efforts. Now what? It’s niggling you.

You feel it when The New Republic announces their reformation, and the disbanding of the Resistance. The heartfelt goodbyes as friends and allies leave for distant shores.

When Jessika leaves with Rose to reunite with her family, taking what little air left in your lungs with her. Death has always been a possibility, and nothing lasts. You’ve gotten so good at surviving you’ve forgotten how to live.

You hold together as everything you’ve known slips through your fingers. Until there’s no one left except you, your beloved BB-8, Finn, and Rey. The life you knew is gone in this deserted world. What are you going to do?

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You Struggle With This

Finn doesn’t know what to do.

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No matter how you scream about a life gone wrong, there’ll never be an answer. Although it’s difficult, it’s better than being spoon-fed your opinions.

No one said this would be easy. No one warned you of how tough it would be. Some ask what you’re complaining about. You’re Finn. The war hero, the brave defector from the First Order, who brought the organization to its knees.

They see your triumphs and great service to the galaxy, but the greatest heroes get forgotten. You’d give anything for someone to listen to you. You could talk for hours. And you need to.

These coping mechanisms you drown in only work for so long. That doesn’t excuse you’re avoiding the only people left in this world. They’re as lost as you. For the sake of the stars, Finn, do something.

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The Stars Don’t Have The Answers

What should Rey do?

How does it feel to be the last of your kind? The weight of an entire people’s future on your shoulders, and you still don’t know what it means to be one.

Yes, you’ve reinvented yourself. Taken on the name of the people who made you feel you deserved a family for the first time. Yes, you’ve built a lightsaber, the hallmark of anyone of your kind.

What if you’re the last person to carry that weapon, and the tradition shall die with you? Starting a school is out of the question. You still haven’t learned everything you needed to.

You stopped the galaxy from descending into another decades-long struggle with malevolent forces. Is there any point to anything anymore? Luke never left you instructions. Trust him to be vague.

Maybe he wanted you to find a different way forward. A method none of your ancestors could see. You can’t see it either.

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