Steady On

Steady On Feat Img

She told me I’m not welcome here anymore last night. Pack my bags and leave, she said, except accompanied by far more expletives than I’m willing to mention. It only took her ten years to muster up the nerve.

Before you get the wrong idea about my countenance, let me explain. I only offer my side of the story, though I hope you’ll have the grace not to label me a horrible person.

Fool? Clueless? Overbearing? I welcome those as they are true, especially in this situation.

I wasn’t aware I caused her such distress, but I assure you I did nothing to harm her mental or emotional state. Nothing physical, either, for I am not equipped for such things.

I can’t tell you what I was thinking as I don’t think while I’m speaking. I was trying to be a good friend. It’s how I’ve always been, how I’ve been raised.

The only course of action is to accept the rift between us. Things settle with each sunrise.

I think this says more about me than her. Though there’s one problem. As the fifth member in a party of ten on the first colony of Mars, my housing options are limited.

No matter. There’s always the recreation couch. I thought it would come in handy when I smuggled it in the shuttle.