Other Works

I don’t just write books! Feel free to peruse my other creations. Happy reading!

Meteor Misc.

Random short stories I wrote after a flash of inspiration.

She comes and goes on the wind, never revealing where she came from or where she's going. She always comes, helping a person in need so they can see another sunset. A young girl asked her what she was. The woman laughed and whispered, "I come from the stars."

She lit the galaxy aflame. It started as a tiny spark, only present in the hearts of the few. But then it grew, emboldened by the people taking up its cause with open arms. Such a simple spark ignited a sweeping bonfire and brought the Galactic Dominion to its knees.

The endless gloom of space. It's fascinated and terrified humanity since we knew it existed. The vastness is overwhelming, our brains unable to comprehend such enormity. And yet, there's a glimmer of hope. Perhaps, one day, we can see the stars for ourselves.

Her face was a mess of scars, the wars she'd struggled through. Her triumphs, memories, and regrets cut in jagged lines down her cheekbones and nose. Visible for the entire universe. Yet she carried on against the relentless current of guilt. That's why she survived.

Interstellar Haikus

I occasionally write SciFi haikus to give myself a burst of creativity. Hope you enjoy them!