Cant See Beyond The Clouds Feat Img

It’s not the first time visibility has been limited here. They’ve told me it’s been a consistent problem since the factory imploded.

Steady On Feat Img

She told me I’m not welcome here anymore last night. Pack my bags and leave, she said, except accompanied by far more expletives than I’m willing to mention.

This Wont Be The Last Time Feat Img

Some skins are harder to shed than others. I mean that for myself, of course. There are many people in this galaxy who the statement is literal for.

Saturns Rings Feat Img

Millennia had passed since humanity ventured past the safety of Earth’s atmosphere. Time is fuzzy for the newest generation of spacefarers, with cryosleep and relativity.

Working Meal To Meal Feat Img

I live on a planet where the galaxy’s junk goes to be reborn, or die. We’re the Trashyard Folks, or trashies. Flattering, I know.

Did We Do Better Feat Img

The rest of humanity left centuries ago. Our leaders had an argument before their departure, so the drifters didn’t keep in contact.