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Leo Flynn writes poetry & gripping, action-packed SciFi, like The Mara Files, an exciting science fiction series. Other galaxies, reading, talking too much about writing and music consume his waking hours. Visit the website at or on social media at @leoflynnwriter

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Information About My Debut Book

Title: Mara’s Awakening
Publisher: Leo Flynn
ISBN: 978-0-6450013-0-3

Mara Keres. Trained warrior and formerly highly respected peacekeeper. Note “formerly.” Once, she had her life under control. Once, she had the trust of the galaxy. Now she rots in the same prison she used to sentence people to. Solitary confinement for six years. Would’ve destroyed anyone else. Not her.

An offer resurfaces, almost too good to be true. Ghosts of her past return to haunt her, will she make it out alive? Sometimes, facing your worst memories is worth the risk.

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Information About My Second Book

Title:¬†Mara’s Choice
Publisher: Leo Flynn
ISBN: 978-0-6450013-1-0

After six years, Mara is back. She did it, escaped from prison. She’s free. Why does she feel so… empty? Reeling from the events of recent days, she has only three objectives in mind. Survive. Avoid capture. Stay out of trouble.

But with bounty hunters at every shady haunt, Kottura hot on her heels, and Ishali harping on about righteous quests and helping the galaxy… It’s going to be a lot harder than she anticipated.

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