Mara’s Awakening Cover Reveal!

Hi everyone,

The moment you’ve been waiting for. Allow me to present the Book Cover for Mara’s Awakening – Book #1 Of The Mara Files!

Designed by the team at MiblArt.

Mara’s Awakening is the first in an explosive science fiction series of short stories about one woman’s search for truth and justice, on her own terms.

Mara Keres. A trained warrior and formerly highly respected peacekeeper.

Note “formerly.”

Once, she had her life under control. Once, she had the trust of the galaxy.

Now she rots in the same prison she used to sentence people to. Solitary confinement for six years. Would’ve brought anyone else to their knees.

Not her.

Then an offer resurfaces, almost too good to be true. Ghosts of her past and demons come back to haunt her, will she ever make it out alive?

Sometimes, facing your worst memories is worth the risk.

The book releases in about five weeks! Click here to pre order.

For more information, click here.

Kind regards,

Leo Flynn

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The moment you've been waiting for... I present the cover design for Mara's Awakening - #Book 1 of #TheMaraFiles - 4 weeks left until the release, get ready! Designed by the team at @miblart #teaser #bookteaser #coverteaser #coverreveal #bookcover #newbook #newbookalert

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