Hi! I’m Leo, A Scifi Writer & Poet

Have a look around and get your scifi fix with my books, poetry and newsletter. Great to have you here.

I write poetry & space opera, like The Mara Files. Other galaxies consume my waking hours.

I’m a creator of worlds. I daydream of people I wish I knew. I put my true self out there, my deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams, and values. With words on a page and ideas on paper.

In short? Writing sci-fi is what I do best.

Come and enjoy an adventure across galaxies. See you in the stars.

The Mara Files – A Gripping Space Opera Adventure

Always Gripping Science Fiction. Never Boring

You love science fiction, but you’re tired of the same old stories. The characters are elaborate set pieces in the author’s grand plan. Imagine a story where the main character decides their destiny rather than being dictated by fate.

I write exciting, explosive stories with characters who are real people. My books keep you hooked until the end. Check out my series, The Mara Files. Yours for 2.99 a book.

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The Wandering Stars

The Wandering Stars Ad

Letter writing is a dying art in our universes. I, the Starwhisperer, have encountered a rip in the fabric of space.

There, I leave a mailbox for anyone who feels compelled to leave a letter. I read those, broadcasting them to the stars, in the hope someone is listening.

Will you?

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