Victory In The Distance

Victory In The Distance Feat Img

It’s a truth many can’t deny that I need space travel like most need air.

It’s odd, for a woman of a species destined to be always tied to the ground, but I adore the thrill of spaceflight.

Who doesn’t? Our ancestors, who built the first prototype of this fledgling technology, did not know what version of society they’d unleashed in the coming centuries.

Of course, they’ll never find out, and there’s no method of telling them. No one has figured out a way to raise the dead, and I hope they never do.

There are mysteries of the universe left best untouched.

Though, if they could experience the magnificent city I’ve sculpted over the last decades since assuming office, I hope they’d be proud.

This is what this leadership is about, leaving the world a better place for my children. What hopes and dreams for this civilization the younger generation has, I try to make a reality.

For what is the point of doing anything else? I won’t be living on it forever.