Tell The Universe I Said Hi

Tell The Universe I Said Hi

Tell The Universe I Said Hi Feat Img

Woke up to the news this morning and found she’s left without us.

Told you this afternoon, because you wait until the people in your life decide there’s something worth saying. At least, that’s what you said to me.

She held us together and now she’s gone. How do you feel? No, why am I asking you?

Nothing phases you, including your best friend leaving the planet without warning or a promise to return.

How do you remain so calm? I should be furious, but I’ve dealt with you long enough to know it’s pointless. Most things in your worldview are, but you aren’t an apathetic cynic.

How, I’ll never know.

That’s why she latched on to you. In a world of confusion and competing factions, you represented the serenity in her life. How will she survive without you?

I knew her for twenty years, but I don’t think I did. Did you? You told me not to message her because I’d be an old man by the time the reply reached us. If it would.

I had to get closure. I told her, tell the universe I said hi.

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Leo Flynn - (Founder & Author)

Author: Leo Flynn writes queer YA hopepunk for the lost. Other galaxies and reading everything consumes his waking hours. He’s Australian, but bounces all over the place. Why? Why not?