Does It Scare You?

Does It Scare You?

Does It Scare You Feat Img

Doesn’t it terrify you? How close we are from impending death? No, why am I wasting my time asking that question?

I should be focused on more important things, like figuring out a way to get out of here. My mind never does what I tell it to do.

Where do we begin? Right, the safety procedures.

You never paid attention to these, despite the thousands of times we practiced. Since you’d received those upgrades, you thought you were invincible.

Not so invulnerable now. No, I should focus, not be bitter.

I’ll do that later, if we get out of this alive.

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Leo Flynn - (Founder & Author)

Author: Leo Flynn writes queer YA hopepunk for the lost. Other galaxies and reading everything consumes his waking hours. He’s Australian, but bounces all over the place. Why? Why not?