Dependence – A Cosmic Dreams Poem

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Barred from society, she makes a desperate foray
Become human, even if only for a day
They seek her out, telling her never to stay
You came and made her problems go away

 She depends on you
 She depends on you

 He came from the comets and nebulas, from light-years afar
 Travelling, searching across the stars
 He found you, restoring you of who you are
 And you healed his deep, haunting scars

 He depends on you
 He depends on you

 In our lives, you're the guiding light
 Her guardian and mentor
 And, quite simply
 The love of his life

 We depend on you
 We all rely on you
 She depends on you
 He depends on you
 We all rely on you
 But in your darkest hour
 Whom can you turn to?

Inspired by some characters of mine from an old Sci-Fi anthology series I’ve been writing on and off for the past two years. I’m itching to get back into it, because the story needs to be told.

This is from my poetry collection, Cosmic Dreams. For more poems from this collection, see here.

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