Creative Statement

At Lunaseeker Press, we work as creative directors, using a diverse range of tools, including AI, through the entire content creation process. Our aim is to develop one-of-a-kind written works that spark feelings of comfort and queer joy, and provide a safe space in fiction where queer people can see themselves.

One way we use AI to analyze the market via Google Search algorithms. This information enables us to tailor our written materials to the needs and wants of our audience.

We also use AI to assist with proofreading. By using AI-powered tools, like ProWritingAid creating a polished final product is easier. ChatGPT helps us generate new ideas and provides inspiration.

We also use Midjourney to create decorative images for our content. All AI-generated images are labeled, and we ensure the images are appropriate and don’t perpetuate negative stereotypes or biases. We always strive to respect the intellectual property rights of other creators, and ensure we don’t infringe on their creations.

We believe in giving credit where credit is due. If we use AI-generated imagery, we always credit the source and acknowledge the role of AI in the creation process.

There are some areas where we don’t use AI. For example, we don’t rely on AI to generate content. While AI can provide inspiration, we believe human creativity can’t be replaced by a machine. We value the touch only a human writer can bring. While AI can provide analysis, we rely on the experience of our team to make informed decisions.

Overall, we believe AI, when used ethically and transparently, is a valuable asset in the publishing industry.

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