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Have a question? Check these FAQs. Let me know if it’s not on there. If you’re a book blogger and want to review a book of mine, please contact me! I’d be happy to pass on a free copy.

Books & Series

What Are The Content Warnings For Your Books?

My books only contain mild sci-fi violence. No swearing or adult content!

What Ages Are Appropriate For Your Works?

Thirteen and over!

Can I Get Your Books At My Library?

Of course! If the book you want to read isn’t already in the collection, direct your local librarian to this page so they can order it for you. Happy reading!

Can I Get Your Books At School?

Yes, if your library has access to digital library system, or the Ingram network. Get your school librarian to send me Leo an email and he’ll sort it out for you!

The Mara Files

How many books in The Mara Files?

Three! It’s a trilogy.


Where Do You Get Your Character Names?

Mostly I use baby name sites. I’m convinced the traffic to those sites comes from expectant parents and writers!

When You Create Your Characters, Is There A Part Of You In Each?

Each character has a bit of me in it, though not on purpose.


Can I Email You?

Do it through the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Where Else Can I Find You?

Find Leo on his YouTube channel, his TikTok account, and on Goodreads and Bookbub. Leo Flynn also has a book recommendations blog, Road Less Read.


Can You Recommend Books?

Of course! Visit this page for a slew of my favorite books and authors. Hopefully, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

If You Could Travel To A Fictional World, Where Would You Go?

I’d love to visit J. R. R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Star Wars, or the world of Railhead.


What Inspired You To Write?

A comic on an old coding site I used in my youth. I began imagining stories between the episodes of the webcomic, and finally I realized I could write my own characters.

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Many places, things I hear, media, conversations, music… Ideas are everywhere.

Do You Know Where The Story Is Going Before Writing It?

My process is erratic, I write and edit as I go. It’s haphazard, but it gets done!

Do You Have Advice For Writers?

To write anything, you need ideas. Here are suggestions for gathering them.

  • Carry a notebook dedicated to writing ideas
  • Keep a diary and write anything and everything you wish


Do You Read Fan Fiction?

If you mean fan fiction based upon my books, no, for legal reasons.

However, I love writing and reading fan fiction. I’ve written many Star Wars pieces.

I welcome fanfiction based on my stories, but please attribute the characters and original ideas to me, and share them for free. That’s fair use.

Do You Have Favorite Tv Shows Or Movies?

Is Your Site Secure?

Yes, this site conforms to the best practices for website security.

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