The Chaotic Yonder

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Ezra Bridger saved his homeworld, but at what cost?

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The end of everything is stunning. Hyperspace involves tearing apart the fabric of space. It produces a kaleidoscopic glow, unseen in the wildest dreams.

The Purrgils discovered the secrets of traversing the universe eons before sentient people. Folklore is rich with stories of these majestic beasts and of how they travel among the stars. 

How does traveling with them feel?

During any other period of the galaxy’s war-torn history, they would’ve given anything to be in your position. Now? People would be fools to join you.

Has the weight of what you’ve done settled on your shoulders?

For a Jedi, you’ve always had a tendency to get lost. They tried to warn you. As headstrong as any growing teenager before you.

You sacrificed everything for your homeworld and banished the Empire from its shores. You’re stuck, pressed against the wall of the broken spaceship of one of your sworn enemies.

There’s a reason people invented hyperspace drives, not relying on the whims of the Purrgils. Where are you going to end up?

You have good ideas with shaky aftermaths.

The weight of everything presses down on your slight frame, and it’s like five Star Destroyers. A galaxy falling apart around you makes you break for the first time.

Why is it in the chaotic yonder, drawn to your last breaking point, do you acknowledge the thoughts swirling in your head?

As you hurdle towards oblivion, tears pool at your haunted eyes.