Celestial Bodies – A Cosmic Dreams Poem

Celestial bodies, the backbone of the galaxies
Effervescence of new life in star nurseries
Learn about the world around you, then look further
Everything we know is just a speck in the universe
Stop and stay still for a while
Turn to the glittering flecks above; the sky is never the limit
Intergalactic travelers in our imaginations flit between the stars
All and everything exists out here
Limitless empty black horizons

Be one with the stars around you
Oh, how the dark blackness is both terrifying and comforting
Dark matter flickers with dangerous energy
In all our dreams, we could never have imagined this
Everything is dark, limitless, and empty
Stars twinkle, let's hope we’re not alone in this universe

An acrostic poem inspired by the wonders of space from my poetry collection, Cosmic Dreams. For more poems from this collection, see here.

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