We Were Born In Motion

We Were Born In Motion

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It means nothing yet everything to me, the way he left one morning never to return.

His family is grieving like he’s died, and they’re disgusted by how unaffected I am.

How can they expect me to mourn him when he’s still alive? As far as we know. His mother said she never saw it coming, and that’s what hurts the most.

How ironic. I knew her son better than she did. I saw this approaching from miles away.

I’m sure he never meant to hurt anyone. That was never his personality, or one of his deeper desires. What else is there for me to say?

It’s hard, and I miss him every day, but some aren’t meant for this world.

About The Author

Leo Flynn - (Founder & Author)

Author: Leo Flynn writes queer YA hopepunk for the lost. Other galaxies and reading everything consumes his waking hours. He’s Australian, but bounces all over the place. Why? Why not?