The Back Door To The Universe

The Back Door To The Universe

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It worked. Or I’m hallucinating. I doubt that, though. First, who would do that? I don’t have any enemies.

If it worked, I’d be the first human to survive a journey to another universe. If it hasn’t, I don’t know what’s going on. The most worrying part? There’s no sign of my portal.

There aren’t signs of civilization in the landscape. It’s a gray wasteland, and the horizon and topography bleed into each other.

The ground is uneven, with large rocks and boulders jutting up at random intervals. There’s the occasional tree, but they’re taller, and the leaves are a deep purple color.

I should find shelter. A small hill is in the distance. From the top, I’ll see better. As I walk, I feel like I’m being watched.

I pick up the pace, but whatever’s following does the same. I scramble to the top and allow myself a quick glance. Was I imagining things? I hear… breathing? Whatever it is, it’s close.

I see a light. Fire? No, it’s too big and bright. And it’s moving. The closer I get, it looks like a… spaceship? This has to be a dream. It’s a giant creature, and it’s coming straight for me!

I stand, frozen, as the creature approaches. It’s five times my size and it makes a strange noise. Is it trying to communicate?

It stops and hovers, studying me with what I assume is its eyes. It reaches an appendage towards me. Should I run?

The creature touches my hand and a jolt of electricity goes through my body. It opens its mouth. “Welcomed. I am glad you are here.”

Everything goes black.

About The Author

Leo Flynn - (Founder & Author)

Author: Leo Flynn writes queer YA hopepunk for the lost. Other galaxies and reading everything consumes his waking hours. He’s Australian, but bounces all over the place. Why? Why not?