About Me

Always Gripping Science Fiction. Never Boring

You love science fiction, but you’re tired of the same old stories. The characters are elaborate set pieces in the author’s grand plan. Imagine a story where the main character decides their destiny rather than being dictated by fate.

A New Twist On Sci-Fi

I write exciting, explosive stories with characters who are real people. My books keep you hooked until the end. Check out my series, The Mara Files. Yours for 99 cents a book.

Mini Bio

Leo Flynn writes poetry & gripping, action-packed SciFi, like The Mara Files, an exciting science fiction series. Other galaxies, reading, talking too much about writing and music consume his waking hours. Visit him on social media at @leoflynnwriter

Longer Bio

I’m a creator of worlds. I daydream of people I wish I knew. I put my true self out there, my deepest thoughts, hopes, dreams and values. With words on a page and ideas on paper.

In short? Writing scifi stories is what I do best.

Come and enjoy an adventure across galaxies. See you in the stars.


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