It’s A Sick World

It’s A Sick World

Its A Sick World Feat Img

We discovered a planet surrounded by a haze of white floating things.

We’d never seen anything like it before. I, as the official documenter of our great journey, cross-referenced it with our available records, but to no avail.

It was official. We were the first explorers to encounter something as rare as this. And we would be rewarded.

With a struggling family in our devastated, failing land, we needed the money. We were all together like a crew, each one of us contributing to the success of the ship.

I was proud to be on this scouting journey for our empire. I had no idea what was in store for us, but I knew it would be big. We’d discover something new and exciting.

We would make history.

About The Author

Leo Flynn - (Founder & Author)

Author: Leo Flynn writes queer YA hopepunk for the lost. Other galaxies and reading everything consumes his waking hours. He’s Australian, but bounces all over the place. Why? Why not?